maandag 19 november 2012

Treasure find!

Two weeks ago I went on my weekly tour through one of our local second hand shops, when I spotted this beauty in the corner! Since I'm a sucker for fifties furniture and roses, I knew it would come home with me.
(Click picture for more details)
Apparently it had been collecting dust at the previous owners for years, but after a good cleaning it turned out to be in even better condition than I'd expected it to be!
I keep it next to the sofa with my sofa and use it to store my cross stitch equiment. It's become a real eyecatcher in our living room!

 (Click picture for more details)
After some research the best name I could find for it is a 'sewing basket box'. If you have any idea how it's called in either English or Dutch, please share it with me!

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